Social Responsibility

The Directors of Planarama are extremely proud to have an active policy of Social Responsibility and firmly believe that in order to be responsible members of society both businesses and individuals must make a contribution to it. We believe in paying our business and personal taxes fully and we are also proud to highlight some of the ways in which like to make a difference. Charitable: Since the founding of the business we are proud that we have been able to donate over £120,000 to charity and below are just a few of good causes we have supported. Our current strategy is to focus our charitable donations on small local organizations where we feel that the maximum amount of money donated is being directed to the end user. Kings College Hospital We organize and pay for King’s College’s Hospital Caldecott Centre’s Paediatric Unit’s Christmas party. The Caldecott center provides medical care and support of children living with HIV. This originally involved decorating and organising a yearly party at Kings College Hospital but at the request of the lead consultant we now pay for a large group to attend a West End show and meal afterwards. We have enjoyed doing this for 10 years. Ebony Horse Riding Club Supporting and donating to Brixton’s Ebony Horse Riding Club by providing free support with graphics, leaflets, banners and exhibition stands. The horse club provides lessons to hard to reach kids in one of the most deprived wards in Britain. James Ross Hunter Youth Support: Due to a friend tragically losing her 17 year old son, she set up a charity to promote social values within communities and youths in South London. PLANarama is one of the charity’s biggest donators and we intend to continue and develop this relationship.